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Genergraphics ® Sales and Marketing for the 21st Century

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The purpose of this book is to highlight and fix something that is completely broken within marketing and marketing research. It is the general practice of using demographics. Demographics are the lazy and easy way out to market your product or service and buy your advertising. It is the ruination of marketing when used for research by itself. When using this process, you are only 30% accurate in reaching your customer profile, the people you work with. Genergraphics is 70% more accurate than demographics because you are reaching one generation at a time with your message, in their own language, rather than two or three generations within a demographic age group that will have different mindsets. Genergraphics is not a theory; it is a proven process with case histories and major research.

Generation gaps are a major challenge no matter what the culture is. This book will show you why Genergraphics allows you to communicate, market and advertise your product or service to one generation without alienating another. Sociology is an important aspect of Genergraphics. Sociology can prove that demographics alone are ineffective when doing generational market research. Genergraphics will show you why generations are different, and why each generation's mindset has nothing to do with its personality.

In researching the highest rated media to be cost effective and achieve the results that you want, Genergraphics Ratings will take you step by step and show you (with case histories) how it can be done. You will learn how to use different media outlets based upon a generation's mindset and what kind of message to deliver to it.

In addition, find out why social media is not as effective as it could be with different generations in selling products and services. In fact, Genergraphics can be applied to any business, marketing effort or business structure whether you are a small home based business or part of a large corporation. If you are in business, care about business and making a profit, Genergraphics, Sales and Marketing for the 21st Century is a must read.

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